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NUPGE delegates unanimously support striking NAPE members: vow to boycott Labatt imports

Join the LabourStart campaign to get striking Labatt workers in Newfoundland back to work.

Ottawa (20 June 2013) – An emergency resolution hit the floor at the National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE) convention on the weekend asking the 300 plus delegates to support the striking workers at Labatt brewery in St. John's, Newfoundland.

Three regressive labour laws passed in the last month

The addition of three more laws passed in the last month brings the total number of regressive labour laws passed in Canada since 1982 to 204.

Ottawa (12 July 2013) – Since the end of June, there have been three labour laws passed in Canada that restrict the collective bargaining rights of Canadian workers.

Omnibus budget legislation allows the federal government to interfere in bargaining between Crown corporations and workers

Anti-union Bill C-377 blocked at Senate

More than a dozen prominent Conservative Senators come out in opposition to deeply flawed anti-union bill with six others abstaining from the vote.

Ottawa (27 June 2013) - The Senate has voted to make extensive amendments to the government supported union disclosure bill, C-377, blocking the anti-union bill from becoming law.

The amendments passed by the Conservative-dominated Senate removes many of its key provisions and significantly raises reporting thresholds.


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Draft and sponsor a resolution to your Federation of Labour or Labour Council condemning the use of labour laws that restrict or deny the fundamental rights of workers and proposing that progressive labour law reform be a central focus of labour’s political agenda.

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Since 2006, thousands, including all Federal Leaders of the Opposition, have signed a pledge to uphold workers rights.

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