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Cover: PDF:  government_wrongs.pdfPublication date: April, 2012Link to PDF: Download PDFIssues and Campaigns: 

Body: This pamphlet provides a summary of a March 2012 International Labour Organization report reviewing the extent of Canada’s compliance to the ILO’s most fundamental Convention – No. 87, Freedom of Association and Protection of the Right to Organize.  The report cites over 20 instances where governments across Canada have refused to change labour laws the ILO has ruled in the past to be not in compliance with Convention No. 87.Series: Canadian Foundation for Labour Rights

Cover: PDF:  statement_to_neb_making_the_connection.pdfPublication date: March, 2011Link to PDF: Download PDFIssues and Campaigns: 

Body: This statement was issued by NUPGE's National Executive Board in March 2011 condemning the Governor of Wisconsin for his attack on public services and the law he introduced that stripped 175,000 public employees of their collective bargaining rights.  It makes the connection on how the attack on labour rights weakens democracy, destroys good jobs, produces greater income inequality and threatens the economic and social well-being of ordinary citizens.

Cover: PDF:  right_to_work_backgrounder.pdfPublication date: September, 2012Link to PDF: Download PDFIssues and Campaigns: 

Body: This primer counters all the myths surrounding 'Right to Work'' laws. Contrary to what the name suggests, 'Right to Work' laws have nothing to do with the right to paid employment. Instead, what they really do is make it easier for corporations to drive down wages for all workers. That’s why those who’ve seen what they do call them “Right to Work for Less” laws.

Cover: PDF:  right_to_work_laws_web_version.pdfPublication date: October, 2012Link to PDF: Download PDFIssues and Campaigns: 

Body: This is a pamphlet summarizing NUPGE's research paper and counters the corporate myths behind 'right to work' legislation.  It concludes the 'right to work laws only create more income inequality, not more jobs.

Cover: PDF:  cflr_paper_freedom_of_association.pdfPublication date: March, 2013Link to PDF: Download PDFIssues and Campaigns: 

Body: This paper provides an historical overview the scope of protection of workers' rights provided by Canadian courts in their interpretation of section 2(d) – freedom of association of Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
 Series: Canadian Foundation for Labour Rights