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Since 1982, Canada's record with respect to the number of complaints submitted to the International Labour Law’s (ILO) Freedom of Association Committee is one of the worst of all of the ILO’s 183 member States with unions in Canada filing more complaints than the national labour movements of any other country.


Title Jurisdiction Case status Datesort descending

Case No. 2654 against the Government of Saskatchewan

An Act respecting Essential Public Services (Bills 5, June 2008) This Act provided for a definition of essential services so broad that practically any public service employee could be designated as an essential worker and therefore not eligible to more...

Saskatchewan Follow up October 2011

Case No. 2983 against the Government of Canada

Protecting Air Services Act (Bill 33, March 2012) The law expressly denies the members of the  International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) and he Air Canada Pilots Association (ACPA) their right to collectively bargain by more...

Federal Government Follow up September 2012

Case No. 2971 against the Government of Quebec

An Act to Eliminate Union Placement and Improve the Operation of the Construction Industry  (Bill 33, December 2011) This Act introduced undemocratic and anti-union provisions such as abolishing union hiring halls, eliminating the long-standing more...

Quebec Follow up November 2012

Case No. 3003 against the Government of Ontario

Putting Students First Act, 2012 (Bill 115, September) The Act amended the Education Act requiring collective agreements between School Boards and employees to freeze all forms of compensation for a two year period reeze beginning September 1 and more...

Ontario Follow up January 2013

Case No. 3015 agianst the Government of Quebec

Section 61 of the Bill 15, the Anti-Corruption Act (June 2011) which amended Section 85 of the Act respecting labour relations, vocational training and manpower management in  the construction industry This specific amendment  forces employees of more...

Ontario Closed March 2013

Case No. 3057 against the Government of Alberta

Public Sector Services Continuation Act, 2013 (Bill 45, December) The legisaltion places further restrictions on some 200,000 unionized public sector workers in the province who already are denied their right to strike.  It denies individuals the more...

Alberta Closed February 2014

Case No. 3107 against the Government of Ontario

Toronto Transit Commission Labour Disputes Resolution Act, 2011 (Bill 150, March 2011) Bill 150 declared the Toronto Transit Commission an essential service, which took away its workers’ right to strike. Submitted by the Amalgamated Transit union. more...

Ontario Follow up December 2014

Case No. 3143 against the Government of Canada

Federal Economic Action Plan 2013 Act, No. 2, Bill C-4 (December 2013) Bill C-4 amended the federal Public Service Labour Relations Act (PSLRA), making it illegal for any bargaining unit to strike if 80 percent or more of the positions in that unit more...

Federal Government Closed May 2015

Case No. 3151 against the Government of Canada

Federal Economic Action Plan 2015 Act, 2015 (Bill C-59)   The Economic Action Plan 2015 Act was the ombinus bill used  to, among other things, implement certain provisions of the federal budget tabled in Parliament on April 21, 2015 and other more...

Federal Government Closed September 2015