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Since 1982, Canada's record with respect to the number of complaints submitted to the International Labour Law’s (ILO) Freedom of Association Committee is one of the worst of all of the ILO’s 183 member States with unions in Canada filing more complaints than the national labour movements of any other country.


Title Jurisdiction Case status Datesort ascending

Case No. 1975 against the Government of Ontario

  Prevent Unionization with Respect to Community Participation under the Ontario Works Act, 1997 (Bills 22, December) The Act prevented workers participating in mandatory “workfare” programs from joining a union, bargaining collectively and/or more...

Ontario Closed July 1998

Case No. 1951 against the Government of Ontario

Education Quality Improvement Act, 1997 (Bills 160, December) The Act enabled government to regulate terms and conditions of employment for teachers and removed cost items, including preparation time and class size, from collective bargaining. more...

Ontario Closed February 1998

Case No. 1943 against the Government of Ontario

Savings and Restructuring Act, 1996 (Bills 26, January) Schedule Q to Bills 26 set out a number of criteria that arbitrators are required to consider in making a decision or award, including the following: ? the employer’s ability to pay in light more...

Ontario Closed November 1997

Case No. 1928 against the Government of Manitoba

Public Schools Amendment Act, 1996 (Bills 72, October) The Act excluded certain working conditions for teachers in the public school system from collective bargaining and directed arbitrators to consider the school division or district’s ability to more...

Manitoba Closed May 1997

Case No. 1900 against the Government of Ontario

Labour Relations and Employment Statute Law Amendments Act, 1995 (Bills 7, October) The Act denied access to collective bargaining and the right to strike to agricultural and domestic workers and specified professionals, removed a prohibition on the more...

Ontario Closed August 1996

Case No. 1859 against the Government of Canada

Budget Implementation Act, 1995 (Bills C-76, June) The Act amended the Public Sector Compensation Act, 1991 affecting federal public service employees. It rescinded the bargaining agent’s right to negotiate job security and workforce provisions in more...

Federal Government Closed October 1995

Case No. 1806 against the Government of Yukon

Public Sector Compensation Act, 1994 (Bills C-18 June) The Act extended the collective agreement of teachers employed in Yukon Territory for three years, suspended collective bargaining, froze compensation for the same period and further reduced more...

Yukon Closed October 1994

Case No. 1802 against the Government of Nova Scotia

Public Sector Unpaid Leave Act, 1993 (Bills 41, November) The Act required government and other public sector employees to take mandatory unpaid leave equivalent to a two percent reduction in annual salary. Compensation in the Public Sector Act, more...

Nova Scotia Closed October 1994

Case Nos. 1801 / 1779 against the Government of Prince Edward Island

Public Sector Pay Reduction Act, 1994 (Bills 70, May) The Act suspended collective bargaining for all public sector employees on all monetary terms in the public sector until May 1995 and rolled back wages by 7.5 percent on salaries above $28,000 more...

Prince Edward Island Closed October 1994

Case No. 1800 against the Government of Canada

Budget Implementation Act, 1994 (Bills C-17, June) The Act extended the wage freeze for federal public service employees for two years, suspended provisions regarding pay increments and excluded all forms of collective bargaining by again amending more...

Federal Government Closed October 1994