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Since 1982, Canada's record with respect to the number of complaints submitted to the International Labour Law’s (ILO) Freedom of Association Committee is one of the worst of all of the ILO’s 183 member States with unions in Canada filing more complaints than the national labour movements of any other country.


Title Jurisdiction Case status Datesort descending

Case No. 2430 against the Government of Ontario

Colleges Collective Bargaining Act (R.S.O, 1990, c. C.15) This Act denies all part-time employees employed by any of the public colleges in the province of Ontario the right to join a union and engage in collective bargaining. Submitted by the more...

Ontario Follow up June 2005

Case No. 2405 against the Government of British Columbia

Teachers’ Collective Agreement Act, 2005 (Bills 12, October) This Act resulted in five years of imposed conditions of employment, no improvement in students’ learning conditions, and a freeze on teachers’ salaries. Submitted by the Education more...

British Columbia Closed October 2005

Case No. 2467 against the Government of Quebec

An Act Respecting the Working Conditions in the Public Sector, 2005 (Bills 142, December) The Act imposed wages and working conditions on Quebec’s 500,000 public sector workers until March 2010. It imposed a 33-month wage freeze retroactive to June more...

Quebec Closed January 2006

Case No. 2803 against the Government of Ontario

York University Labour Disputes Resolution Act (Bills 145, January 2009) The Act ordered ordering the termination of the 85-day strike and referred the dispute to binding arbitration. Submitted by the Canadian Union of Public Employees This more...

Ontario Closed January 2009

Case No. 2821 against the Government of Quebec

Expenditure Restraint Act, 2009 (Bill C-10, March) This Act, as part of the federal government’s 2009 Budget Implementation Act, imposed caps on salary increases for federal government employees, prohibited any additional remuneration such as more...

Federal Government Closed March 2009

Cases Nos. 2886 and 2857 against the Government of Quebec

An Act to ensure the continuity of the provision of legal services within the Government and certain public bodies, 2011 (Bills 135, February 2011) This Act ended a two week strike by the provinces 1,500 government lawyers crown prosecutors. It also more...

Quebec Closed February 2011

Case No. 2848 against the Government of Canada

Canada Post Corporation Act (amended 2006) Section 13.5 of the Canada Post Corporation Act prevents mail contractors from joining a union and exercising their right to freedom of association. Submitted by the Canadian Union of Postal Employees ( more...

Federal Government Follow up March 2011

Case No. 2857 against the Government of Quebec

This case was considered with Cases Nos. 2886 and 2857 against the Government of Quebec more...

Quebec Closed April 2011

Case No. 2894 against the Government of Canada

Restoring Mail Delivery for Canadians Act, 2011 (Bill C-6, June) This legislation force locked-out postal workers back to work, is bias against CUPW and its members. It imposed wage increases that are less than the employer’s last offer and referred more...

Federal Government Follow up June 2011

Case No. 2654 against the Government of Saskatchewan

An Act respecting Essential Public Services (Bills 5, June 2008) This Act provided for a definition of essential services so broad that practically any public service employee could be designated as an essential worker and therefore not eligible to more...

Saskatchewan Follow up October 2011