Case No. 2821 against the Government of Quebec

Federal Government
March 2009
Case status: 

Expenditure Restraint Act, 2009 (Bill C-10, March)

This Act, as part of the federal government’s 2009 Budget Implementation Act, imposed caps on salary increases for federal government employees, prohibited any additional remuneration such as allowance, bonus, differential or premium and prohibited any changes to the classification system that resulted in increased pay rates. In several cases, the legislation override previously negotiated collective agreements containing wage increases above the imposed salary caps.

Public Service Labour Relations Act, 2003

This Act denies federal government employees the right to bargain key terms and conditions of employment such as pensions, classifications and staffing.

Submitted by the National Trade Unions Confederation on behalf of the Union of Canadian Correctional Officers (June 2010)

The ILO Committee on Freedom of Association found these two pieces of legislation violate the ILO's freedom of association principles.