Case No. 3003 against the Government of Ontario

January 2013
Case status: 
Follow up

Putting Students First Act, 2012 (Bill 115, September)

The Act amended the Education Act requiring collective agreements between School Boards and employees to freeze all forms of compensation for a two year period reeze beginning September 1 and eliminate the accumulation of sick leave credits after August 31, 2012.  The legislation was a pre-emptive piece of ‘back to work’ law before there is any  real threat of strike or lockout and without providing for independent binding arbitration.  It gives the Minister of Education unprecedented powers, including the right to restrict strikes and lockouts and impose terms into collective agreements at any time.  Bill 115 was repealed January 23, 2013, but the effects of the legislation still remains in effect.

Submiited by the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC), on behalf of the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO-FEEO). The Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF) and Education International (EI) associate themselves with the complaint.

The ILO Committee on Freedom of Association found the legislation violates the ILO's fundamental principles of freedom of association.