Cases Nos. 2886 and 2857 against the Government of Quebec

February 2011
Case status: 

An Act to ensure the continuity of the provision of legal services within the Government and certain public bodies, 2011 (Bills 135, February 2011)

This Act ended a two week strike by the provinces 1,500 government lawyers crown prosecutors. It also imposed a five-year agreement on the lawyers with a six percent salary raise, far short of the 40 percent wage hike the Quebec Crown Prosecutors Association had been asking for during negotiations.

Case No. 2886 was submitted by the Association of Prosecutors in Criminal and Penal Prosecutions (July 2011) and Case No. 2857 was submitted by Association des Juristes de l'État (April 2011).

The ILO Committee on Freedom of Association has not dealt with these complaints as they were withdrawn by the complainants.