Case Nos. 1750 / 1749 / 1748 / 1747 / 1733 against the Government of Quebec

December 1993
Case status: 

An Act respecting the conditions of employment in the public sector and the municipal sector, 1993 (Bill 102, June)
The Act imposed a two-year wage freeze on public sector and municipal employees and compelled employees to take leave days equivalent to one percent of salary.

Case Nos. 1750 / 1749 was submitted by the Quebec Federation of Labour (FTQ), Service Employees' International Union (SEIU), the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) and the Office and Professional Employees' Union (OPEU) (December 1993); Case No. 1748 was submitted by the Union of Government Professionals of Quebec (SPGQ) (December 1993); Case No. 1747 was submitted by the Quebec Central Teachers' Union (CEQ) (January 1994); and, Case No. 1733 was submitted by the Confederation of National Trade Unions (CNTU) and the Quebec Provincial Civil Service Union (SFPQ) (September 1993).

This legislation was found not to comply with the principles of freedom of association.