Labour rights are Human rights


Fri, 03/02/2018 - 15:26




  • Unions bring workers the respect they deserve. They make it possible for workers to feel good about themselves and the work they do.
  • Unions make the workplace less of a dictatorship. They provide a powerful check to the power of management. They give workers the right to talk back to the boss about the work they do and how they do it.
  • Unions assist workers in obtaining a decent wage, so they and their families can enjoy a quality standard of living and financial security.
  • Unions help workers achieve workplace benefits over and above legislative benefits and universal public programs.
  • Vacations, extra medical insurance, disability and life insurance and a retirement income are all areas where unions have negotiated enhanced provisions.
  •  Unions provide workers with greater job security and thus economic security for themselves, their families and their communities.



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