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Topic: Unions Matter

They fight for fairness for all


LIFE GETS BETTER FOR EVERYONE wherever and whenever unions are strong. Studies prove it.

Studies prove when unions win higher pay the wages of all workers rise—even for those not in unions.

Studies also prove overall life gets better because of union activity. The more unions there are in a country the more government does to protect human and civil rights and the more it uses taxes to provide social benefits to everyone—regardless of income level.

Unions successfully fought to expand the Canada Pension Plan in 2016, and as a result all workers will see their CPP benefits increase in the future.

It was the strength of unions that gave us all Medicare, unemployment insurance, workers compensation, and safer workplaces. Today unions in Canada are fighting for universal Pharmacare for all Canadians.

Union membership reflects how much Canadians value fairness: the more we value fairness the more unions thrive; the more unions thrive the closer we come to fairness for all.

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December 20, 2001

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Judy Fudge, Faculty of Law, University of Victoria,