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Sat, 11/09/2019 - 11:57

Here’s what’s wrong with the Ford Conservatives


DOUG FORD DIDN'T KILL ENRICO MIRANDA. But he didn't do all he could to make his death less likely, either.




Enrico Miranda was killed on the job September 25 2019

DOUG FORD DIDN'T KILL ENRICO MIRANDA. But he didn't do all he could to make his death less likely, either.

Enrico Miranda was killed on the job at Fiera Foods in Toronto on September 25. Enrico was the fifth worker killed at the industrial bakery and its affiliated workplaces since 1999.

Roughly 70% of workers at Fiera Foods are classified as “temporary”. Legislation exists to protect these workers. Ford refuses to put it into effect.

The Workers’ Action Centre held an occupation of Ford’s constituency office in Etobicoke in October to protest Ford’s indifference to worker deaths. Deena Ladd, the executive director of the Centre was arrested at that occupation. She told the media that Enrico Miranda was the second person to die at Fiera Foods since Ford became Premier.

Denna also pointed out that Ford had denied appeals by their group and others to implement the existing provisions of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act (WSIA) to better protect workers like Enrico Miranda.

Brutal and unnecessary

These were brutal and unnecessary deaths at workplaces that care far less about workers because they see them as temporary help that are disposable and not worthy of the same protection as other workers. That’s where governments must step in. The previous provincial government started that process by ensuring that companies like Fiera Foods who hire temp workers through agencies are held financially responsible under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) for injuries sustained at the hands of the employer.

While these regulations were drafted, they have not yet been put into effect since the Ford Conservative government came to power. That leaves people like Enrico Miranda and his co-workers at risk. Yes, they could refuse to work in unsafe conditions, but he and they don’t have the papers or credentials yet, to do that. So they go to work to feed their families and some don’t come home. That has to change.

How many is too many?

Five workers have now died at Fiera Foods in the last few years, and many others at other corporations like them. All of them temporary workers. One of them got caught in a machine he was cleaning, another when her clothing in a conveyor belt. All of these deaths were preventable and unnecessary. That leaves only two questions. How many more people will die before the Ford Government takes action? Will we allow that to happen?


Stand Up. Fight Back. Don’t Give Up!

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