It's time for Canada to sign ILO Convention No. 98

Sixty-seven years after the ILO adopted Convention No. 98: Right to Organise and Collective Bargaining, Canada is one of only 23 countries in the world that still haven’t ratified it.  This is somewhat of an international embarrassment for Canada as it places us with countries known for their poor record of respecting human rights, such as Afghanistan, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and United Arab Emirates.

It is now 2016, and the federal government’s refusal to ratify ILO Convention No. 98 can no longer be justified since the right to organize and bargain collectively is now recognized as a constitutional right in Canada.

Below, you will find resources to help convince the new federal government of the interest and urgency of ratifying this fundamental ILO Convention.  

Click on the campaign pamphlet below to find out more information and please feel free to give the pamphlet wide distribution.